Berwick Community Crew: Youth Making a Difference

Berwick Community Crew helps Berwick Cancer Cars with their never ending car washing.
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In a world where the media often focuses on the negative actions of young people, it's important to shine a spotlight on the positive contributions they make. One such group, known as "The Community Crew," is doing just that in Berwick. This dedicated group, part of Berwick Youth Project, has taken it upon themselves to volunteer their time and efforts every Wednesday to visit Berwick Cancer Cars and wash the vehicles. Their commitment and compassion are a true credit to the town and a shining example of the potential of the youth of today.

The Berwick Youth Project has always been a beacon of support and empowerment for young people in the community. It provides a safe and nurturing environment where young individuals can develop important life skills, build confidence, and contribute positively to their local area. The creation of "The Community Crew" is a testament to the project's success in nurturing a sense of responsibility and community spirit among its members.

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Every Wednesday, rain or shine, the dedicated members of "The Community Crew" gather at Berwick Cancer Cars in Tweed Street with buckets, sponges, and a determination to make a difference. The simple act of washing the vehicles may seem mundane, but the impact it has is immeasurable. Not only does it ensure that the cars used to transport our cancer clients are clean and well-maintained, but it also brings a sense of care and consideration to those who rely on the service during difficult times. Their willingness to give their time and energy to support a cause that directly benefits others is a powerful reminder of the potential for positive change within the youth of today. It also serves as a reminder that when given the opportunity and support, young people can and do make a significant difference in their communities.

Berwick Community Crew at Berwick Cancer Cars HQBerwick Community Crew at Berwick Cancer Cars HQ
Berwick Community Crew at Berwick Cancer Cars HQ

Together, the 'Crew' are making a difference, one car wash at a time, and inspiring others to join them in their efforts. For more information on Berwick Youth Project visit

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