Belford to be focus of BBC VE Day coverage


Schoolchildren in Belford are to be filmed by the BBC as part of their national coverage of the VE Day celebrations on Friday, May 8.

They have confirmed the pupils will be filmed as part of the commemorative silence to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

A spokesman has revealed it will be live coverage, and as such certain controls are to be put in place.

Plans to mark the occasion in the village include a commemoration service and wreath-laying around 2.30pm.

A statement on the village’s Facebook page said: “We are the only location chosen to represent the north of England, alongside a small handful of other locations including the London Cenotaph, Edinburgh, Belfast, somewhere in Wales and somewhere on the south coast.”

The village is also planning a balloon release while bunting has been sourced, which will then be used to support the Bunting for Belford campaign, which is helping to raise funds for a new play park.

The community is also keen to invite some Second World War veterans to the event, but so far have only one from Belford.

They can provide transport and would welcome veterans from the whole of Northumberland. Contact Ben O’Connell on 01665 602234.

○ The Royal British Legion and the Government are calling on the nation to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day with a weekend of celebrations, from May 8 to 10.

Local communities are being encouraged to organise or take part in festivities which recognise and salute an extraordinary generation who played such an important part in our history.

It is hoped that community halls, public spaces and homes will be decked with bunting and playing music to recreate the celebrations of 70 years ago.

To tie in with commemorations that are happening nationally, people might want to consider participating in the national two minute’s silence at 3pm on May 8, celebrating on the evening of May 9 to support the VE concert that will be live on the BBC or holding or facilitating picnics and street parties on the afternoon of May 10.

If you don’t plan on organising an event yourself, you can find out what is happening in your local area at or