Belford Parish Council round-up: Play areas, fuel thefts and timber route

Belford skate park
Belford skate park

A Belford parish councillor has called on Northumberland County Council to bring the village’s parks up to scratch, before the parish takes over responsibility for them in April.

Speaking at the January meeting of the parish, Coun Chris Rosby said: “Can we expect to take them on in a good state? Both of the parks have signs – you can’t make out what one says and the other one is broken.”

Access is also an issue. “At the park down by the golf club, women with pushchairs have to struggle with a big gate to get through, while better access next to it is boarded up and blocked off,” Coun Rosby said. “It would be good to have this sorted by county before we take it on.”

The parish agreed to contact the county council to see if they could arrange for the work to be done.

Parish council chairman Brenda Stanton said: “I’m not too hopeful, but we should ask – shy bairns get nowt.”

• A gang of people from the south of the county have been arrested following theft of fuel in Belford. PC Kyle Curry told the parish council that diesel had been stolen from Station Road. Police caught a man on the premises on December 21 and arrested him. Five people from the Pegswood area have since been arrested.

• The parish council is to make a formal request that the timber route is diverted past the village on the A1, rather than going through the centre of Belford. Chairman Brenda Stanton said: “We are concerned about the wagons coming through Belford and having to go onto the wrong side of the road when taking corners.”

• The chairman of the parish council has thanked the team behind Belford’s festive lights and fireworks. Brenda Stanton said: “We had some visitors and they could not believe that such a small village had such good lights and fireworks. They had a fantastic time, so thank you very much from me and everybody in the village.”

• Northumberland County Council would charge £395 each to install three new handrails in the village. The parish council had inquired about replacing handrails on the high street, but said that the county quote was too expensive. Councillors will ask around to see if any local tradespeople could do it cheaper.