Belford Parish Council round-up

Williams Way play park in Belford
Williams Way play park in Belford

Councillors Ian Carruthers and Chris Rosby will complete a parks inspection course this month ahead of the parish council taking over responsibility for the village’s play parks from Northumberland County Council.

The parish must inspect both parks once a week from when they take them on in April.

• Councillors expressed concerns about at-risk bus services. The county council is reviewing subsidised services in a bid to save £200,000. Fifty-one services, including Belford to Berwick, are subsidised. Coun Brenda Stanton said: “Although it might not be used by lots of people, the bus is important to those who do.”

• Concerns have been raised about trees on Station Road. Coun Ian Carruthers had been told by a resident that the trees, which are owned by the railway, had not been cut back for 20 years. “I went down and they are really bad,” he said. The clerk will raise the issue with the county council enforcement officer.

• The chairman told members that Peregrini Lindisfarne had appointed a project manager, and that co-workers would be advertised for shortly. “Helen Griffith will start at the beginning of March,” Coun Stanton said. “She has done a lot of work with big budgets, like the Hadrian’s Wall Walkway.”