Belford Parish Council round-up

There was still no news on a site visit to Bedmax by the county council’s north area planning committee ahead of a decision on three planning applications.

The company, based at Detchant, has long been involved in a dispute with residents over the use of the road through the hamlet by HGVs.

The applications sparked objections from residents who feel that any further development is likely to increase traffic to the site.

However, Bedmax says that the applications are designed to deal with planning concerns that have been raised in the past.

At the March meeting of the parish council, members were assured that no decision will be taken on the planning applications until the county council’s highways team has completed its traffic monitoring on the road.

The parish council is to ask again about when the site visit is to take place and is also going to ask the county council for clarification on the protocol.

• Belford-based charity Bell View is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and is hosting a special event which will be attended by the Duchess of Northumberland. Members agreed to give a £100 donation to go towards the cost of the event, which is hoped to renew interest in the charity and its work.

• PC Kyle Currie said that there had been no crimes in Belford in the last month, although there had been a burglary at Easington in which a quad bike was stolen. Two men from the Blyth area were arrested by police in the Morpeth sector and a third is to be arrested, while the quad bike was recovered.

• The Community Benefit Document, which sets out the details of the money the community will receive if Energiekontor (EK) is allowed to build its Belford Burn windfarm, has still not been signed off. The parish council still wants confirmation that its solicitors will act for the council, while receiving payment from EK.

• The council had received a number of letters and emails following a report about an investigation into a rookery in the Croft Field area, which seems to have divided opinion. Coun Brenda Stanton, who was re-elected as chairman, said: “It’s difficult – we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t [do anything about it].”