Belford Parish Council

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Divide over right of review

The parish council was split over one aspect related to the signing of a community benefit document.

The agreement relates to the money available for the community if the Belford Burn windfarm is approved.

Members held a meeting with David Francis, of Community Action Northumberland (CAN), where it was agreed that CAN would manage the fund with a committee formed from the parish to determine who should receive funding.

Coun Geoff O’Connell pointed out that there needed to be some mechanism in the contract by which CAN was not given carte blanche for the 25-year lifespan.

The other members agreed, but where they differed was where that power should lie. Members agreed to a clause to be written giving the parish council power to review the situation, but Coun O’Connell was adamant the council should not be the ones in control of this.


Coun Tracy Bell reported that she had been contacted by a member of the public who uses a mobility scooter regarding her difficulties in gettting down Weavers Way. The speed bumps preclude her from using the road, but cars are often parked on the pavement, meaning she can’t get through on the paths either.


Belford Community Group had contacted the parish council over several issues. The first was the state of the public benches, which the council already has in hand. The second related to an untidy substation on Dinningside, while the third problem was the overgrown area at the entrance to Raynham Road.


Members were unsure as to which quarry was referred to in a planning application – the operational Cragmill Quarry or the mothballed Easington Quarry.

The clerk is to seek further clarification before the council shares its view, particularly if it relates to the currently shuttered site.