Belford Parish Council

The road row that won’t go away

After more than an hour-and-a-half of debate, with contributions from councillors, a highways expert, planning consultants and residents, the parish council narrowly voted to object to three plannning applications from Bedmax.

But it leaves the wider issue of the split between residents in Detchant and the horse-bedding firm, over concerns mainly related to the use of the tiny road by HGVs, unresolved.

The three applications being considered were for a certificate of lawfulness for use of land as an external storage area, retrospective permission for the erection of a storage building and retrospective permission for the change of use of a former agricultural stock yard to a car park.

Coun Brenda Stanton, who took no part in the decision as she lives in Detchant, said that what planning consultant Sandra Manson described as ‘enthusiasm’, in that the business had grown and made the changes without applying for planning permission, could also be called ‘lack of courtesy and lack of forethought’.

“I applaud their success, but it’s in the wrong place,” she added.

A majority of members abstained from the vote, but objections to the applications were carried by two votes in the case of the certificate of lawfulness and one vote for the other two applications.