Belford Parish Council

The road into Detchant which is used by HGVs.
The road into Detchant which is used by HGVs.

Road solutions look unlikey

Installing passing places on the road through Detchant, which is used by large lorries, is estimated to cost £7,500 per passing place, and the verges are private land. Coun Brenda Stanton also pointed out that the residents would be concerned that more lorries would use the road if it was improved.

Flooding concern from poor drains

Coun Chris Rosby told members that there were still flooding problems at Croft Way and Rogerson Road from the field at the back, where drains had been installed, but are not adequate. Members agreed that the landowner needed to deal with current issues before any further housing development took place.

Allotment rents price freeze

Members agreed to a suggestion to maintain the rent for the allotments in the village, which are now managed by the parish council at the same level for the next year.

Coun Chris Rosby said: “I think we should keep it the same. There’s some younger ones but they are mainly elderly people and it’s their life.”

Where to park your bike?

Members heard that a community bike scheme, run by Park That Bike, offers free bike racks. Belford Community Group had expressed an interest in installing a rack outside their shop, so the parish council is to refer them to this scheme. Councillors also want to look at getting one in the Market Place.