Belford Mothers’ Union

STAYING FAITHFUL: February’s meeting of Belford Mothers’ Union was a lively meeting with George Scott, a Methodist local preacher among his many other activities, as speaker.

In introducing George, Branch Leader Sylvia Hickey said: “The theme for the Mothers’ Union this year is Faithful Relationships. It’s great that we start our year with George Scott.

“He’s particularly welcome to stimulate our thoughts and discussions at our first speaker meeting because his topic is precisely that – faithful relationships.”

George reflected on the current state of marriage and the staggering average cost of a wedding at over £15,000.

As a tip for those present, he advised against buying animal ornaments, patterned towels and mug trees as wedding presents. These are the ones that stay in the attic!

Sadly more marriages take place in a civil setting than a religious one these days. And divorce is more likely in some of the caring professions than in other jobs. Agricultural engineers are most likely to stay wed!

George spoke about Britain’s longest married couple. Florence (100) and Percy (105) have been married since 1925 and put their successful relationship down to whisky, sherry and, most importantly, the word sorry.

George talked about the first miracle in Christ’s life – at the wedding at Cana – a celebration which was one for the whole communitys. It would have been a very homely and loving occasion and Jesus was content to be part of such an important yet low-profile event.

In concluding, George talked about how a Christian setting helps to bring stability and support and hope into relationships.