Belford man’s voluntary efforts spanning decades

Cpt Kerry Noble and Cpt Allan Buck
Cpt Kerry Noble and Cpt Allan Buck

Volunteers’ Week, which runs until today, celebrates the contribution that millions make across the UK – and 95-year-old Allan Buck has certainly done his bit.

The Belford resident volunteered for The Officers’ Association (OA), a military charity that looks after the welfare of officers and their families, from 1948 until he was in his late 80s.

At that point, he nominated his good friend Kerry Noble, 68, and also a Belford resident, to take over.

Allan was born in 1918 during a zeppelin raid in south London and in the Second World War he served as a Captain in the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment throughout the Italian campaign.

In December 1944, he was badly wounded, which put an end to his fighting days, but he continued serving as a military governor until 1948.

This hasn’t put Allan off placing himself in challenging situations though – at the age of 80, he parachuted out of a plane for Macmillan, raising £2,000 for the charity.

Both Kerry and Allan have always seen volunteering as an integral and ‘necessary’part of life. “If you’re capable of helping others, it should be part of your make-up,” said Allan.

“We must remember to count our blessings, especially when the urge to grumble takes over.”

As well as the pair’s shared belief in the importance of helping others, their bond is strengthened by their connection to the military.

Kerry, who volunteers for the Glasgow and Lanarkshire Battalion of the Army cadets, as well as the OA, has also seen the positive effect volunteering can have on young people.