Beith meets Minister in next stage of fight for Alnwick jobs

Julie Porksen and  Sir Alan Beith MP
Julie Porksen and Sir Alan Beith MP

Sir Alan Beith MP has met the Secretary of State at Defra, Dan Rogerson MP, to ask for more work to be brought to Lion House, in Alnwick, to safeguard the future of jobs in the town.

Speaking after the meeting, the Liberal Democrat MP said: “I stressed the importance of Lion House and the work that is carried out there as a flagship for Defra because it provides good quality jobs in our rural community. One of Defra’s key areas of responsibility is rural affairs and I argued that the need for good jobs is fundamental to the health of rural communities.

“Lion House is also an excellent example of a carbon-neutral building with a negligible environmental impact, due to the energy efficiency of the building and features such as rainwater harvesting. Defra also owns the freehold to the building and so is not paying rent.

“We talked at length about how the archiving review work at Lion House could be expanded, and the Minister and his officials have agreed to find out more about this prospect.”

Sir Alan is working alongside Liberal Democrat campaigner Julie Pörksen to protect jobs in Alnwick and will continue to keep up the pressure for more work to be found for the Alnwick site and he is also pursuing the possibility of expanding the archiving work with the Cabinet Office.