Beith demands analysis of Thrunton fire’s smoke

North Northumberland MP Sir Alan Beith is calling for a full analysis of the smoke from an ongoing fire to be carried out urgently.

The blaze at the former Swarland Brickworks site, at Thrunton, has been burning since Tuesday, September 3.

Following a meeting with residents, Sir Alan said: “I am very concerned that residents are being told there is no risk to health even though the agencies involved in dealing with the fire do not seem to have carried out an analysis of the smoke apart from measuring particulate content.

“I have asked for a full smoke analysis as a matter of urgency.”

Residents can contact Sir Alan’s office on 01665 602901.

The county council has installed a particulate monitor to measure the level of exposure to the residents in Thrunton and compare the levels with national air-quality standards. A multi-agency group has agreed to continue monitoring and take action according to the particulate levels, the weather and any other health concerns.