Beith calls for rail fares to be kept down

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North Northumberland MP Sir Alan Beith is calling on the Government to keep rail fares down.

New inflation figures set July’s RPI (retail price index) at 3.2 per cent and the Government plans to raise rail fares by 3 per cent above that at 6.2 per cent in January.

Sir Alan said: “The Coalition is, quite rightly, investing more than any Government since the Victorian era in an effort to sort out the mess we inherited. But we can’t just pass on the cost to people travelling every day just to get to work.

“Liberal Democrats in Government, along with the Secretary of State for Transport, managed to negotiate a RPI+1per cent cap for 2012, much lower than planned by some Tories.

“But people are struggling to make ends meet against a backdrop of wage freezes and rising utility bills. The Treasury has to realise that people cannot be expected to absorb huge rises in rail fares on top.”