BEHAVIOUR: Showing lack of respect

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I was appalled to read in the Lesbury parish newsletter that someone stole the Christmas lights from the little tree on the green, just up from the 1068 Alnmouth roundabout in Hipsburn.

These people clearly have no respect, spoiling it for the young kids and adults who enjoy this sight every Christmas, and not to mention the people who go out of their way to see this happen – Billy, Hugh, Roger, etc?

I live close by and I am angry that they can stoop so low.

Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves.

However, if this was a stupid prank and they want to put it right after reading this, they can put the lights back on the tree and someone will pick them up.

Unfortunately, my feeling is that there is little hope of this happening.

Another issue I have a big problem with at the moment is that there are some dog owners who are not picking up their dogs’ mess around Lesbury, Hipsburn and Alnmouth.

In Hipsburn a gentleman has already written to the Gazette about mess on paths close to him. Great, they stopped it, but no.

Unfortunately, the problem has just moved to other locations, Curley Lane and on the path heading towards Lesbury bridge are some of the places.

Other dog owners go to the football field, school, the car park, outside people’s driveways – the list goes on.

What doesn’t make sense is that some bag it up, then just drop it on the ground.

What’s even more shocking is that some are as close as 10m from a dog bin. How lazy is that?

Such irresponsible owners should have their dogs taken off them. They don’t deserve them.

I believe a warning would not be good enough as they’ve already had plenty warnings through letters.

Let’s punish them harshly as they seem not to be worried if we stand in it, or farm animals choke on the plastic bags.

This is giving us dog lovers a bad name. (Yes, I have a dog).

Pick it up and put it in the bin. I am sick of this behaviour on our doorstep.

Show some respect.

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