Behaviour at memorials is ‘disturbing’

Amble War Memorial.
Amble War Memorial.
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Amble’s Memorial Gardens are being treated as a playground, concerned councillors have claimed.

The criticism comes as repairs are about to be carried out to the Radcliffe War Memorial.

The work, funded by the town council and a grant from the War Memorials Trust, will see missing letters replaced, stonework repaired and the tablets cleaned.

But a section of the town council’s newsletter, which is due out in early October, states: “It is still very disturbing to not only note the amount of young people who treat this area as a playground, but the parents who sit by and actively encourage them to kick a football or run a scooter against the steps, walls and memorials and disapprove if you politely ask them to stop.”

Meanwhile, plans for the town’s Remembrance Sunday service are taking shape. The wreath-laying ceremony will take place at the Memorial Gardens on Sunday, November 9, at 11am. The service which follows will be held at Trinity Methodist Church and, for safety reasons, the parade will go from the Town Square over the grass area to the Cartington Court end of Percy Street, and to the church.

A rededication ceremony is planned for the Radcliffe Memorial on November 2.