Beer festivals and running clubs

Northumbrian musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

October 4

Another day booking gigs, but that is all day every day so not very exciting. I have enjoyed a lot of music on Spotify once again today. So many songs have changed our lives, some songs just remind me of a time when you knew enough to live and they just make you feel still like nothing is wrong. Ellie went for her second trial at Durham for the Under 13s. She is so great to watch. I played pick up sticks with Melanie and Rebecca at the side. Rebecca won.

October 5

I have been unwell for a week now with this season’s heavy cold but as long as I can sing it don’t mind.

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I hate seeing Ellie ill and not being able to walk as she loves and misses it.

Never the less tonight we go to Disney on ice. We go every year, it is just an amazing place to be, filled with happiness. So many happy faces, you can see and feel it all in the room, the feeling of why we are here.

October 6

I am still having fevers but I knew I would be OK once I got to the gig. Shaggy and Maria moved into a new house today. It looks a beauty and we can get some extra albums recorded there too.

We are both releasing a solo EP as well as an album. I just want to write all the time, it comes so naturally to me and I love writing songs and still do not like working on covers. The gig tonight was in Redcar and it was a good one. More albums and t-shirts out into the world. Back home for 2am and a few hours to read and drink ginger tea.

October 7

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I am lucky that I work from home. I have watched the Bangladesh and South Africa test match and then the Australia and India 20/20 match. Ellie and Rebecca made loads of amazing things with Lego and then Shaggy came for me, the car and the PA, we had a nice time in Berwick. It was a canny gig. It is a nice drive in the lighter seasons.

Sleeping is not easy so I am not even trying.

October 8

Up at 8am this morning getting ready before today’s cross-country for Rebecca. There are thousands of runners, it is a great gathering.

This run was Druridge Bay and Rebecca was not last. She has moved up a place. As she gets older her running will all make sense. She loves it and we love her and seeing her being a part of all of this is wonderful. Then to Alnmouth for the Red Lion’s annual beer festival. Hundreds of people show up and over £5,000 was raised for charity. A few of the cricketers from Alnmouth came along and many friends.

I love Northumberland and when it loves you back it is even better. So nice to see everyone. This was one of my favourite days of the year.

October 9

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The cold that we are all going through is still with us. Three weeks, hopefully this is it for a while. Monday is still a day I look forward to the most. A relaxing day of work.

Then running club for Rebecca and a little practice with Ellie with some cricket. Then the Asda shopping, still fun but being together is. We found out today that because of our location Ellie has to leave Durham County and trial for Northumberland County instead. Both teams are exciting so she will be ok.

The trails are for Northumberland over the winter. Always an exciting world.

October 10

Writing new songs and running through my solo set. Melanie is posting off posters for the next three to six weeks of gigs. Keeping it all running, it never ends but there are lots of good times involved. The Switzerland tour in April is looking good.

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