Bedding donations help keep SHAK dogs cosy

The latest instalment of our weekly series dedicated to the Alnwick-based dog sanctuary SHAK.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 25th January 2019, 1:00 pm
Keene enjoying the snow.
Keene enjoying the snow.

Charity volunteers have been working hard to keep the dogs warm during the cold weather.

Founder Stephen Wylie said: “Obviously the cold and snow makes things a lot more difficult for us and the cold must be so hard for the dogs,but we try our best to keep them warm. That’s why we are so grateful for all of the bedding donations we get.

Dizzie looks for a snowball.

“This time of year we literally stuff the kennels with as much as possible. It’s quite nice to see some of them making nests and settling down for the night.

“One little Staffy called Cheech actually climbs under his blankets and sleeps that way.

“Things like that always touch me and remind me that these dogs must have had a home and comforts at some point.”

During the day it was playtime, with some of the dogs loving the snow, while others didn’t take so well to the conditions!

Topaz doesn't look too impressed with the snow.