Beauty queen wants to help educate Filipino youngsters

Ray Cave hands over the computers to Marieta Dixon.
Ray Cave hands over the computers to Marieta Dixon.

Computers donated by a North-East firm are being shipped 7,000 miles across the world to support charity workers in the Philippines.

They will help provide much-needed technical support and training to people living in some of the most remote parts of the south-east Asian islands and keep them in touch with the modern world.

It follows a link-up between Cavtec Systems Limited and customer Marieta Dixon, who lives in Warkworth.

Since being crowned Miss Philippine UK 2015 – at the age of 57 and two years after her daughter won the crown – Marieta has committed to making personal donations and raising money to helping schools, the homeless, elderly and other projects in her home country.

The property development manager has just returned from the South Pacific territories donating stationery, classroom equipment and dental packs to schools, and visiting orphanages and care homes with food donations.

She said: “My aim is to give as many children who are trapped in the poverty cycle, and at higher risk of ending up in situations of exploitation, an opportunity through better-resourced education.

“I heard about the Dimataling Community E-Centre in the south of the country which is run by volunteers to help people develop and acquire information technology skills to keep them in touch with modern communications.

“Computers are desperately needed and I was delighted when Cavtec, which has provided professional support for my work for several years, agreed to donate 13 computers for the project. It is a wonderful gesture. 

“It will make a world of difference and I am hoping to get them shipped out in time for Christmas. It will be a marvellous present.

“My intention was never to go any further than making a personal donation, but after speaking among friends, I found that there are many people out there who want to donate to a charity but are sceptical of where their money is going.

“I have seen the difference a small donation to assisting education can make to the future path of a child in the Philippines and am putting out the call if anyone would like to make a donation or get involved in any way please contact me on

Ray Cave, managing director at Cavtec, said: “It is great we have been able to help out and had no hesitation in providing the computers for such a worthwhile cause – we can’t wait for users of the centre to contact us for the first time using the computers.”

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