Beautiful blooms bring a touch of spring to Alnwick

Blooming gorgeous! Daffodils and tulips brought a splash of colour to Alnwick at the weekend.

Thursday, 18th April 2019, 11:00 am
Alnwick Spring Show chairman David Parker shows Sir John Hall some of the blooms. Picture by Jane Coltman

The 13th Alnwick Spring Show drew the crowds to Willowburn Sports and Leisure Centre.

As well as a sea of spring flowers, there were classes for floral art and cookery, with separate classes for the youngsters.

At Alnwick Spring Show 2019 Morris Robinson won the championship class in the daffodils and also had the best daffodil in bloom. Picture by Jane Coltman

The prizes were presented by Sir John Hall, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland, who praised the organisers and the entrants.

He said: “It’s great that you have got people in the community of Alnwick that solider on year after year, keeping these things going because they don’t happen on their own. There’s a lot of work goes on behind the scenes.”



Geoff Watson was delighted to win the Duchess's trophy with his tulips. Picture by Jane Coltman

Floral art shield: Linda Thompson. Foreman Trophy: Frances Cook. The Alnwick Spring Show Cup: Jeff Smith. Daffodil Society Bronze Medal & Diploma, the Championship Class: Morris Robinson. RA Scamp voucher: Morris Robinson. Miniature and Choice Bulbs voucher: Keith Blundell. Duchess of Northumberland Crystal Bowl, the Championship Tulip Class: Geoff Watson. Award for best exhibit in amateur general and alpine: Gill Starkey. Award for best cookery exhibit: Hilary Drury. Prize for most points in cookery classes: Hilary Drury. Prize for most points in children’s cookery classes, age 10 & under: Leah Perry. Prize for most points in children’s cookery classes, age 11 to 16: Olivia Temple.

Floral art

A Baker’s Dozen: 1 Linda Thompson; 2 Frances Cook. Twist & Turn: 1 Linda Thompson; 2 Elizabeth Davidson; 3 Frances Cook. New Beginnings: 1 Linda Thompson; 2 Frances Cook; 3 Hilda Blythe. Age 8 and under, Springtime: 1 Jessica Fennell; 2 Leah Pattinson.

Restricted residence

In the pink! Frances Cook won the cup for best use of colour in the floral art classes. Picture by Jane Coltman

Three daffodils, yellow: 1 Jeff Smith; 2 Gill Starkey; 3 Margaret Mabon. Three daffodils, orange or red corona: 1 Jeff Smith; 2 Ron Thompson; 3 Mary Reed. One white daffodil: 1 Jeff Smith; 2 Jimmy Givens; 3 Gill Starkey. One double daffodil: 1 Jeff Smith; 2 Brian Thompson; 3 Gill Starkey. Three multi-headed daffodils: 1 Maureen Thompson; 2 Brian Thompson; 3 Ron Thompson. Three miniature daffodils: 1 Katherine Challis; 2 Jeff Smith; 3 Ron Thompson. One tulip: 1 Maureen Thompson; 2 Diane Watson; 3 Geoff Watson. Two tulips, any type: 1 Margaret Smith; 2 Dave Bonser; 3 Diane Watson. Three tulips, any type: 1 Geoff Watson; 2 Dave Bonser; 3 Maureen Thompson.

Amateur daffodil

Three vases of three daffodils: 1 Morris Robinson; 2 Jeff Smith; 3 Colin Cochrane. Three vases of one daffodil: 1 David Parker; 2 Jeff Smith; 3 Morris Robinson. Six vases of one daffodil: 1 Jeff Smith; 2 Morris Robinson; 3 Colin Cochrane. Seven single daffodils: 1 Jeff Smith; 2 Morris Robinson; 3 David Parker. Daffodil cultivar, division one: 1 Jeff Smith; 2 David Parker; 3 Morris Robinson. Daffodil cultivar, div two: 1 Morris Robinson; 2 David Parker; 3 Jeff Smith. Daffodil cultivar, div three: 1 David Parker; 2 Jeff Smith; 3 Keith Blundell. Daffodil cultivar, div four (double): 1 Colin Cochrane; 2 Brian Thompson; 3 Maureen Thompson. Daffodil cultivar from divs 5 or 6: 1 Morris Robinson; 2 Ron Thompson; 3 Jeff Smith. Daffodil cultivar from divs 7 or 8: 1 Morris Robinson; 2 David Parker; 3 Brian Thompson. Daffodil cultivar from div 11: 1 David Parker; 2 Morris Robinson; 3 Ron Thompson. Bowl of miniature daffodils: 1 Morris Robinson; 2 David Parker; 3 Gill Starkey. Basket of daffodils: 1 David Parker; 2 Morris Robinson; 3 Grace Aynsley. Three miniature daffodils, divs one, two or three: 1 Keith Blundell. Three miniature daffodils, divs four to 13: 1 Keith Blundell; 2 Gill Starkey; 3 Colin Cochrane.

Amateur tulip

Judith Head was doubly delighted with the success of her dessert and liqueur. Picture by Jane Coltman

Three vases of three tulips: 1 Geoff Watson; 2 David Parker; 3 Colin Cochrane. Seven tulips: 1 Margaret Smith; 2 Dave Bonser; 3 Geoff Watson. Three tulips in one vase: 1 Margaret Smith; 2 Geoff Watson; 3 David Parker. One red or pink tulip: 1 Geoff Watson; 2 Margaret Smith; 3 Penny Hewitt. One yellow or white tulip: 1 Colin Cochrane; 2 Geoff Watson; 3 Margaret Smith. One tulip, any other colour: 1 Margaret Smith; 2 David Parker; 3 Diane Watson. Bowl or pan of five species or miniature tulips: 1 Margaret Smith; 2 Dave Bonser.

Amateur general

Spring flowers in a bowl: 1 Gill Starkey; 2 Shirley Reynolds; 3 Valerie Colgan. Bowl of floating flowers: 1 Gill Starkey. Vase of flowers from a shrub: 1 Brennig Davis; 2 Shirley Reynolds; 3 Monika Dempster. Amaryllis: 1 Gill Starkey; 2 Dave Bonser. Flowering pot plant: 1 Gill Starkey; 2 Vera Parker; 3 Coral Turnbull.

Amateur alpine

Rock plant in flower: 1 Monika Dempster; 2 Gill Starkey; 3 Coral Turnbull. Sempervivum: 1 Katherine Challis; 2 Gill Starkey; 3 Joan Dixon. Primula: 1 Gill Starkey; 2 Jim Stewart; 3 Monika Dempster.

Children’s open

Garden daffodils in a jam jar (4 & under): 1 Leah Perry; 2 Ellen Perry. Flower picture made with potato prints (8 & under): 1 Joseph; 2 Elliot; 3 Ben. Garden in a seed tray (16 & under): 1 Jake Davidson; 2 Georgia Fennell; 3 Jessica Fennell. Painted face on a boiled egg with hat (16 & under): 1 Sylvie Hunter; 2 Verity Hunter; 3 Sophie Johnston. Plant grown from pip or seed (16 & under): 1 Sophie Colgan-McKnight. Easter bonnet (16 & under): 1 Sylvie Hunter; 2 Olivia Temple; 3 Oscar Hirst.


Novelty cake: 1 Barbara Graham; 2 Doreen Pringle; 3 Elizabeth Davidson.


Fruit liqueur: 1 Judith Head; 2 Gill Starkey; 3 Coral Turnbull. Victoria sandwich: 1 Margaret Mabon; 2 Joan Moses; 3 Vera Parker. Lemon drizzle cake: 1 Ruth Bull; 2 Coral Turnbull; 3 Mary Reed. Date & walnut cake: 1 Jean Givens; 2 Magaret Wilkinson; 3 Gill Starkey. Gingerbread: 1 Coral Turnbull; 2 Vera Parker; 3 Margaret Mabon. Shortbread: 1 Hilary Drury; 2 Valerie Colgan; 3 Christine Head. Cherry cake: 1 Hilary Drury; 2 Magaret Mabon; 3 Gill Starkey. Chocolate cake: 1 Joan Moses; 2 Deborah Perry; 3 Hilary Drury. Decorated cup cakes: 1 Joan Moses; 2 Jeanette Pearson. Border tart: 1 Valerie Colgan; 2 Coral Turnbull. Apple tart: 1 Jeannette Pearson; 2 Mary Reed; 3 Helen O’Neil. Drop scones: 1 Judith Head. Fruit scones: 1 Helen O’Neil; 2 Valerie Colgan; 3 Monika Dempster. Savoury scones: 1 Monika Dempster; 2 Christine Head; 3 Valerie Colgan. Savoury quiche: 1 Hilary Drury; 2 Helen O’Neil; 3 Joan Moses. Wholemeal loaf: 1 Hilary Drury; 2 Steve Anderson. Onion peel dyed eggs: 1 Valerie Colgan; 2 Coral Turnbull; 3 Judith Head. Fancy dyed eggs: 1 Ann Anderson; 2 Judith Head; 3 Freddie Hunter. Marmalade: 1 Coral Turnbull; 2 Judith Head; 3 Katherine Calderwood. Lemon curd: 1 Hilary Drury; 2 Margaret Mabon; 3 Judith Head. Chutney: 1 Gill Starkey; 2 Penny Hewitt. Dessert in a glass container: Judith Head.

Children’s cookery

10 & under. Melting moments: 3 Ellen Perry. Decorated cup cakes: 1 Leah Pattinson; 2 Lucie Lambert; 3 Leah Perry. Mini pizza: 1 Leah Perry. 11 to 16. Chocolate cake: 1 Olivia Temple. Dessert in glass container: 1 Olivia Temple. Ginger snaps: 1 Olivia Temple; 2 Sophie Johnston.