Beadnell WI, May meeting

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With president Lynne Angus being away on holiday, Pat Brand chaired Beadnell’s annual meeting.

She was pleased to welcome visitor Rosie to what was a well- attended meeting.

We were especially pleased to greet WIA Alison Strong to guide us through the evening’s proceedings.

The recent bridge drive had been very successful. Thanks were given to Nancy Wardropper for organising it and also for preparing the new programme, together with Wendy Clark and Vanessa Hodgson.

Luncheon club members had enjoyed their meal at The Castle Inn, Bamburgh. Next month, on June 6, they are venturing further afield to The Running Fox at Felton. The social committee have produced a new programme, which Jan Brunt presented to us.

Members appreciated a detailed resume, given to us by treasurer Angela Peereboom, of the efforts that have so far gone into finding funding for the rebuild of our hall.

Sue Dawson gave her final report as our retiring secretary. We thanked her for her hard work on our behalf over the past six years. We will miss her pithy and amusing style of delivery.

The Huntley Cup for the monthly competitions was awarded to Pat, with Sue coming second and Annette third. Competitiveness had obviously been paramount, with each position being separated by only one point.

Alison congratulated us on the variety of our programme and the activities on offer. She remarked that we were particularly lucky in having Angela as our treasurer and wished us good luck with the hard task of replacing the hall in the near future. She then led us through the consideration of this year’s resolution on organ donation. In an informative, but amusing manner, she helped us to the realisation that if we are donating our body parts, it is most important that we inform our families of our wishes. We agreed that we would like Lynne, our representative at the annual conference, to vote for the resolution on our behalf.

Alison then led us through the process of choosing a new president. Pat Brand was elected to the position.

Denise Salisbury gave the vote of thanks to Alison for helping us so ably through the evening. She then spoke of retiring president Lynne, praising her cheerful, determined approach to the job.

In addition, she thanked the committee and all those members of the Institute who organise the extra-curricula activities which enrich the programme.

Jan Brunt won this month’s competition, for something self-made, with a beautiful bag.

The evening ended with with a most enjoyable pie and pea supper.