Beadnell WI, June meeting

SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Beadnell WI’s June meeting was led by Pat Brand.

A number of apologies were reserved due to holidays but there was a good turn out to hear Kevin Rushworth talk of the Sights and Sound of Uzbekistan.

He was a very good speaker and his love for the people and country shone through. We were a rapt audience and enjoyed the music, handling the clothes and items he had brought along and seeing the photographs and hearing his story.

Meanwhile the group is expanding, we welcomed another new member.

Raising money is of prime importance to keep the hall and grounds in good order for future times and to that end we are preparing for our summer fete on July 27.

We are also entertaining Corbridge WI to afternoon tea and a walk around Beadnell, kindly advised by Katrina Porteous, and we look forward to our summer outing to Delaval Hall.

Our meeting ended with a vaguely Asian-type supper and lots of good chat, a good evening enhanced by a wonderful rendition of Red Riding Hood from Clara Van Vogt.