Beadnell WI, July meeting

YOUNGEST SPEAKER: Beadnell WI president Lynne Angus returned from her travels only to discover that several other members had gone on theirs.

Those present reported on a pleasant lunch club outing to Seahouses Golf Club, the excitement of those who represented the Institute at the Royal Garden Party at Alnwick Castle and the imminent restarting of dominoes and bowls.

There will be no lunch club until September 2, when there will be a visit to The Joiner’s Arms at Newton.

On August 11, there will be an early evening stroll in Beadnell, finishing with a meal at The Beadnell Tower.

Members spent time planning the annual fete which took place yesterday.

We were delighted to have Emma Hare with us for the evening.

At 17, she is probably the youngest speaker the Institute has had in its history.

Her description of how she pioneered a music festival in her home village of Longframlington in 2011 was impressive.

Showing great initiative and an ability to involve all ages in the venture, she was able to bind members of the local community together.

Her talk was enjoyable and she handled questions from the floor very competently.

We wished her and the music festival committee a successful time at this year’s event on August 24-27.

We will follow her subsequent career with interest.

A painting of fruits by Nancy Wardropper won the evening’s competition entitled Summer Fruit, with Doreen and Ciara as runners-up.