Beadnell WI, annual meeting

This was the month of Beadnell WI’s annual meeting, where it was good to review the past year’s activities which have been interesting, informative and fun.

President Pat Brand thanked the committee, the hall rebuild steering group and all the other ‘members without portfolio’, for their unstinting help and good-humoured support throughout the year. She was also pleased to note the high level of local support we have received, which has been invaluable.

Brenda Tinker reported on the spring council meeting which she had attended as our representative.

She had enjoyed the experience and brought us a copy of Sandra Kerr’s song composed especially for the WI, which has whetted our appetite to buy the CD.

Members were reminded that in this, the WI movement’s centenary year, our celebrations will centre on the Lindisfarne Group’s sparkling supper in September and a special walk in Beadnell in August, followed by a meal.

Members have also agreed that they would like to replace a bench seat which they sponsored in the village, which deteriorated after 40 years.

They hoped it could be situated in a suitable position for weary walkers to enjoy.

Nancy Wardropper was thanked for running last month’s well-organised and much-appreciated Bridge Drive, which raised £471 for the rebuilding fund.

The formal proceedings were overseen by WIA Mrs Prudence Marks. She guided us through the formalities and helped us to decide on our response to the resolution for the national agm to be held next month in the Royal Albert Hall.

She also gave us her good wishes for looking to restore our hall which she described as ‘the much-loved and vital hub in the village’.

Voting for next year’s president took place, with Pat Brand being re-elected. Angela Peereboom won the Huntley Cup for most points won in the monthly competition. This month’s competition runners-up were Pat Brand and Dorothy Hodgson.

The winning entry by Annette Manning was eaten after our pie and pea supper. She chose to produce some small tasty strawberry scones to fit the subject of something summery.

June’s competition is for something to do with ice or fire, since the talk is about Iceland.