Beadnell, Parish notes

Beadnell bay
Beadnell bay

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, January 13, at Beadnell WI Hall.

Police report: There was one caution.

Presentation: Centrifuge Consulting has been appointed by the AONB to develop the economic plan for the Bamburgh, Seahouses and Beadnell area. Representative Liam Marsh reported that it is working closely with the Neighbourhood Plan, looking at the key economic and social data to identify amenities, strengths, challenges and sustainability issues around the high level of holiday homes.

It is also running consultation through a web survey, which had been active for just over a week and had 90 responses, roughly three per cent of the population. It encourages business owners, residents and people who work in the area to prioritise the issues the plan should address, as well as put forward their own suggestions of what to do to improve the situation. The priority so far is employment and training, business growth and grants to help with extension.

There is the potential for a scheme where an apprentice can be shared by employers, reducing risk to an individual and providing a wage subsidy, whilst committing to quality training and employment.

A strong emphasis was put on the value of the natural environment. Questions were raised on how to create benefits without physical development and to generate revenue from people using the beach, walkways and visitor sites, as well as creating spin-off activities. There is the potential for a project to improve the walking infrastructure and create employment.

AONB officer’s report: The next partnership meeting will be on Wednesday, February 17. Any representation should go through Geoff Stewart, of North Sunderland Parish Council.

Link House has been granted planning permission for both schemes. The request for creating a Conservation Area in Beadnell has been made. However, Northumberland County Council (NCC) advised that there is no intention to create any new areas due to lack of staff and finances to carry out initial ground work. The AONB will continue to pursue the issue.

A submission has been made to Northern Power Grid regarding the undergrounding of electricity cables along Harbour Road. Beadnell came out joint with Howick. The decision will be dependent on finances and NPG.

A Round One pass of the Heritage Lottery application has been received for a volunteer project, which may look towards apprenticeships. The Coastal Revival Fund grant for the Bamburgh visitor centre and 21st Century ossuary has been received and work is on its way.

The Visitor’s Guide is being compiled. Two Dark Skies events are being organised at Warkworth Golf Club and Hunting Hall, Lowick.

The gathering of data for A Year In Beadnell project, a collaboration between two artists celebrating the North East through the seasons, its flora, fauna and landscape, has been completed. It has been displayed at Durham Book Festival, with an event planned at Alnwick Castle. This is an interactive exhibition of poetry and photography. The possibility of holding an exhibition for Beadnell was raised and the AONB will look into this.

A meeting is to be arranged to discuss the next available date for clearing sea buckthorn, volunteers welcome.

A suggestion of resurfacing the footpath/cycle path between Seahouses and Beadnell was raised. This would need to be considered in the Local Transport Plan for 2017/18 with North Sunderland Council unless money could be found from another source.

Traffic calming: Through the Local Transport Plan the requests put forward by Beadnell last September for 2016/17 were additional measures to emphasise the 30mph speed limit through Swinhoe, safety changes to land in front of the Seabreeze and fish and chip shops to prevent vehicles using the area as a shortcut and for undertaking, and an extension of the footpath on the B1340 from Shepherds Cottage to connect with Swinhoe. NCC budgets dictate works to be carried out.

The Community Speed Watch Team will continue to monitor speeding motorists and police will follow up with cautions to repeat offenders. The police welcome volunteers to undergo training and join the team.

North Northumberland Coastal Area Neighbourhood Plan: The draft plan is being written before a public meeting can be arranged. Documentation on resolving the housing evidence is still outstanding.

Transfer of play areas: As previously agreed, the parish council will take over responsibility for Long Beach and Old School play areas from April 1. However, NCC does not own the Long Beach area and cannot transfer the freehold. It will organise an agency agreement (at no cost to the parish) making the parish responsible for the equipment, insurance, maintenance, inspections and surface area. NCC will provide the Service Level Agreement for inspections. The special expense will be transferred to the precept to cover the cost of the weekly inspection. The parish council is pursuing the transfer of the freehold of the Old School playground and has obtained two estimates. It was unanimously £450 plus disbursements and VAT.

Planning: 15/02823/MAST – Village Green, Harbour Road, Beadnell, Installation of 12m street-works pole supporting Onmi-antenna, installation of equipment cabinet and meter cabinet. Granted. 15/01845/FUL – Link House, Demolition of dwelling and outbuildings and construction of single storey dwelling. Granted.

Cemetery: Tenders for the grass cutting contract of the Old School play area, the footpath in Harbour Road together with the cemetery were received from Countryside Services, NCC and Stableyard Landscapes. It was agreed to renew the contract with Stableyard Landscapes as the lowest quote.

Finance: Financial report was accepted. The budget for 2016/17 was agreed, the parish precept being set at £7,555, an increase of £555 on last year, plus special expense transfer from NCC of £1,274. Parish councils will no longer be subject to internal audit from 2017. Instead they would be required to become more transparent about finances. The parish will be applying to NALC’s transparency fund for money to improve the website to become fully compliant.

Receipts: £631.47 BCV – Christmas Lights, £9 BCV – Christmas Lights, £48 burial of John Douglas Plot 650, £180 burial of Stuart Percy Hastie plot 28, £48 burial of Joan Elizabeth Goulding plot 666, £96 BCV – Testing and certifying electrical installation of Bull Ring electrical cabinet.

Payment made: £756.55 – BCV Christmas Lights. Cheques signed: £464.94 clerk’s salary, £76.70 clerk’s expenses, postage, stationery, A4 acrylic display dispenser, £115.20 – David Mulvey – testing and certifying electrical installation of Bull Ring electrical cabinet, £30 WI Hall.

Endurancelife: CTS Northumberland is planning to repeat its event this year on Saturday, February 27, running the same route through the village as last year, from Bamburgh Castle to Alnwick.

Next meeting, Wednesday, March 9, at 6.30pm, in the WI Hall, Beadnell.

Any Other Business: a) Representatives of the council were invited by Hellens to attend a meeting with the planning officer on January 8. Pre-application advice was being sought by Hellens for a major development on land west of The Wynding. A letter of response is to be drafted by the council regarding points raised, and sent to NCC.

b) Beadnell in Bloom. The application for Northumbria in Bloom has been accepted. Plans are under way to recruit helpers to get ready for initial judging in April. The team will be planting small flower beds behind the benches on the Bullring, opposite the shop and on the Haven. This will be done professionally ensuring no trip hazards.

c) There no longer appears to be a right of way alongside the Towers Hotel from The Wynding to Church Cottages. Further information and details to be sought.

d) A request has been received asking for clearer signage of the ‘no through road’ at Harbour Road. Additionally, a suggestion to introduce improved direction signs to beach parking, toilets and caravan parks’was noted. The council will seek advice from NCC Traffic Section.