Beadnell Parish Council, November meeting

At the November meeting of Beadnell Parish Council, an email had been received from Simon Lee, at the National Trust, who advised that the renovation team were on site at the lime kilns progressing the project.

However, they were no longer looking to open the top for access as, upon further investigation, it has proved to be slightly more complex.

A response was to be sent to Mr Lee as it was felt that access to a viewing platform at the top of the kilns would be of benefit and desirable.

A coastal defence presentation was given to local residents by Aaron McNeill and Trevor Dixon from Northumberland County Council and Royal Haskoning, explaining the works needed to be undertaken from Beadnell Point in the south to Dell Point in the north.

Unfortunately, funds were unavailable in order to undertake the restoration of these sea defences. Both bays will be monitored for deterioration.

PC Alan Morton apologised for his absence but had advised that there has been one crime in the last two months – the theft of a mobile phone.

There had been recent press coverage about a £2million development of luxury houses in the village by a property development company.

A condition can be placed on developers to make a financial contribution towards affordable housing but the parish was unable to request this as the planning applications were not put forward as one development.

A joint letter has been sent to the developer, Adderstone Group, from the parish council and the county councillor requesting a meeting to discuss ways in which the company can help to make the village more sustainable.

A good response has been received from second home and caravan owners through the North Northumberland Coastal Area Neighbourhood Plan surveys that were sent out. The sailing club has circulated the surveys to all its members and they have now been delivered to all the remaining residents. People are strongly encouraged to return completed surveys.

A further meeting had been held with ISOS and the county council about the work agreed following the realignment of the fence at the playground.

The three seats around the village commemorating the Second World War are in disrepair and it had been necessary to remove the seat opposite 56 Harbour Road. It had already been agreed to replace one of these seats and now funding for the replacement of the other two is to be included in next year’s budget unless the cost can be met through fund-raising.

The village’s Christmas lights switch-on is scheduled for Friday, December 5, beginning with a commemoration in St Ebba’s Church at 6pm then a walk down to the Bull Ring.

George Scott, President of the Rotary Club, which made a financial donation to the lights, has been invited to switch on the lights this year.

A lighthouse with a revolving light has been built by the BCV and will be placed at the Bull Ring and there will be an illuminated Christmas tree on the village green at the Benty.

Thanks were passed on to the BCV for all their hard work with the Christmas lights.

Last year volunteers joined the AONB to cut down the sea buckthorn at Beadnell Bay. It was hoped that another date to tackle the buckthorn behind Dunes Court and the Wamses could be arranged this month, but is now looking more likely to happen early next year.