Beadnell Parish Council, May meeting

Beadnell Lime Kilns
Beadnell Lime Kilns

At the May meeting of Beadnell Parish Council, chairman Coun Geoff Martindale presented his annual report.

It included the continued value of the parish website; the county council’s planning review; continued tidying of the cemetery; new bulb planting, tree pruning and plans for a new walled compound for topsoil; the playground and on-going negotiations with the county council re asset transfer to the parish; the dog fouling campaign and replacement of memorial seats.

Special thanks were given to the Craster Arms which donated a seat to replace one that had been damaged on Harbour Road, and to the Beadnell Community Volunteers for their continued fund-raising events enabling the replacement of the picnic benches on the Bull Ring, new planters built and erected at the entrances of the village which will enhance its look, as well as several other projects.

The report also featured the Heritage Trail and the design of two information boards; the Lime Kilns and completion of the restoration works by the National Trust; public rights of way walked, the AONB’s planned removal of sea buckthorn; police attendance at meetings; and the parish’s continued involvement in the Neighbourhood Plan with thanks being given to John Woodman for his support throughout the year.

Coun Martindale was re-elected as chairman.

Sgt Andy Pullen apologised for his absence but sent a report to advise that there was a common assault at the Craster Arms, for which the offender was cautioned; there was a break-in at the Lime Kilns; and damage was caused to a vehicle on Longstone Crescent.

Work has been been completed on the footpath and a general tidy-up of the playground area has been made. The litter bin is to be moved from the middle of the playground to the entrance.

The community consultation and supporting evidence phases of the North Northumberland Coastal Area Neighbourhood Plan are now complete and consultations with local organisations have started.

The steering group has collated enough information and evidence to start work on formulating policies.

Most of the questionnaires returned agreed with the vision of the plan but felt that more investment was needed to encourage non-tourist business development, thus creating more employment opportunities other than seasonal work.

The protection of the villages from the impact of any new developments in terms of size and style was also a concern.

Beadnell Community Volunteers have been working on the build and erection of the planters for the entrances to the village. These will be planted up in the next few weeks, as well as the planting of replacement daffodil bulbs for the cemetery and surrounding village green areas.

Permission was granted to Save Beadnell Association and the family of the late Glyn Wilde to purchase and erect a seat on the vacant plinth near 62 Harbour Road. More information is to be sought from the WI regarding the situ of the memorial bench they have requested to replace.

An applicaton has been made to the Woodland Trustfor consideration under their free trees scheme for a selection of new saplings for the village.

There has been a complaint by a few residents that the new planters at the entrance to the village at the Bull Ring are obstructing the view onto the main road, which could become a safety issue especially once the planters are in full bloom. This would be investigated.

A letter of complaint has been received from a member of the public regarding village green 56 – Benthall. The parish council are not the administrators for the village greens and the letter will be forwarded to the appropriate officer at the county council to deal with.

A request for litter bins on Harbour Road was made as there are none along this stretch of the village.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, July 8, at 6.30pm in the WI Hall, Beadnell.