Beadnell Parish Council, May meeting

At the May meeting of Beadnell Parish Council, chairman Geoff Martindale presented his annual report, which included the parish’s involvement in the neighbourhood plan, the development of a website, repairs to the parish clock, the dog-fouling campaign, free parking, supporting a project to develop a heritage trail and police attendance at meetings.

Special thanks were given to the Beadnell Community Volunteers’ relentless dedication which has made a considerable and positive difference to life in the parish.

Coun Martindale was elected as chairman and Coun Christine Williamson as vice chairman.

Natural England is concerned about some of the technical aspects of the proposed Beadnell coastal defence works and is pursuing additional funding options.

It hopes to carry out consultation with the community in summer 2015 and the estimate for the work to be done has been revised to 2016/17.

Concerns were expressed about the delay.

Work has started on repairs to the parish clock. Fund-raising has been very successful with a total of £1,200 raised so far from events such as a car-boot sale and individual donations.

Clerk Laurie Gray is to send out thank-you letters.

Coun Martindale had written to the county council and enclosed photographs of the the damage to the verge and footpath on the B1340 but to date no action has been taken. PC Alan Morton has agreed to contact the people concerned and request that they use the gate to the field for the delivery of hay to the horses.

A new Pub Watch initiative has been started in Beadnell where people who show anti-social behaviour will be banned from pubs in Beadnell and Seahouses.

A Speed Watch campaign has been set up with the help of police-trained volunteers to monitor traffic in the 30mph speed limits.

A particular problem had been identified at Swinhoe. It was agreed that a letter would be sent to the councy council requesting improved 30mph signage.

Mrs A Peereboom and Ms C Von Vogt gave an update on the plans for the demolition and rebuilding of the WI Hall.

There had been further damage to the monkey bars in the playground. It was agreed that the apparatus would be removed and the holes filled to make the area safe.

The playground sign is being stored, waiting to be repaired and re-erected. A new bin for Kennedy Green will be ordered at a cost of £90-£120. The pedestrian access gates into the field beside Kennedy Green need repairing.

There is still occasionally condensation in the notice board opposite the Seabreeze, making it very difficult to read the notices.

The use of silicone blocks to soak up the moisture would be investigated along with other possible remedies.

The meeting is on Wednesday, July 9, at 6.30pm in Beadnell WI Hall.