Beadnell Parish Council, March meeting

At the March meeting of Beadnell Parish Council, apologies were received from PC Alan Morton that he was unable to attend but advised that there had been no reported crime or anti-social behaviour in Beadnell since the last parish meeting.

Coun John Woodman reported that the budget approved by the county council saw a 1.9 per cent increase in council tax but that cut backs in council services should not affect the parish.

The National Trust is looking at making the lime kilns accessible to the general public. The county council is looking to improve communication between the council and parishes, grouping smaller areas together in clusters and providing one point-of-contact senior council officer.

Concerns were raised regarding the time frame of the Beadnell coastal defence works, April to September 2015, and the disruption to Harbour Road, its residents and seasonal income generated by holiday lettings.

The developers are to be contacted inviting them to an open meeting at The WI Hall, Beadnell, to discuss all aspects of the works and residents’ concerns.

A meeting regarding Beadnell parish clock was held in January attended by Michael Spark and Ian Simm, representing the church, and the chair and Colin Brunt from the parish council, to inspect the clock and establish ‘ownership’ and the responsibility for maintenance.

The original purchase of the clock was financed by an appeal to the residents of Beadnell and thus the chair has suggested that a formal approach be made to the Beadnell Volunteers to donate some of the planned 2014 fund-raising to the clock appeal for repairs and maintenance.

The meeting concluded with an inspection of the tower and clock mechanism and an agreement was made for the parish council to obtain competitive tender for the maintenance and overhaul work.

Tenders were sent to three clock specialists but only one was returned and it has been agreed by the parish council that stage one, repair and maintenance of the weights, wires and pulleys, together with stage two, cleaning and overhaul of the clock movement, will go ahead in the next financial year, 2014/15.

It was agreed that the following donations would be made at the end of the financial year: Air Ambulance £40; Toma Fund £20; St Oswalds £40; Age Concern UK £20.

A request has been received from Mrs Stokoe for a memorial bench to be sited on the verge opposite 118 Harbour Road.

The bench will be made from recycled plastic material from one of the parish recommended suppliers. The request was approved.

The new memorial bench at the Bull Ring is now in place. Two new notice boards have been erected, one in Fleetham and the other in the cemetery, Beadnell.

The notice board near the Bull Ring is suffering from the elements causing condensation on the glass so that notices are illegible and the cork board inside is being saturated by the rain.It is proposed that the notice board be moved slightly to face southwards to see if this will alleviate the problem.

A laminator is to be purchased so that all future parish documentation for the notice board can be laminated.

Coun Patterson has suggested that the history of the parish clock be documented and displayed, perhaps as part of the Beadnell Heritage Trail.

Peter Gomersall has looked around the local areas to see how and what they have displayed about their own local heritage but would also like members of the public to contribute ideas of sites they would like seen on the trail.

It was suggested that a meeting be arranged in the WI Hall for any of the local residents who may be interested in joining the Heritage Trail Project.

A poster is to be designed and displayed on the notice boards with details of the date and time of the meeting.

Coun John Woodman had suggested the possibility of help from the small schemes funding.

The parish council is to approach local landowners re the siting of any potential displays.

The chair has sent an email and photographs to Jim Long regarding the damage to the verge and footpath opposite the cemetery where bales of hay have been unloaded into the field for the horses, with the request that the gate entrance to the field be used in future to prevent any further damage.

Coun Patterson will speak with Julie and ask if she could bring this matter to the attention of those using the verge for parking while unloading hay.

The Post Office opening times are to be displayed in the notice board.

The next parish council meeting is on Wednesday, May 14.