Beadnell Parish Council, July meeting

At the July meeting of Beadnell Parish Council, members heard work had been completed for the first part of the restoration of Beadnell parish clock.

Recent fund-raising events have been very successful, with just over £3,000 raised.

Dehumidifier sachets have been placed in the notice board opposite Seabreeze shop and appear to be helping with the condensation problem.

PC Alan Morton apologised for his absence but sent an email to advise that he has spoken to the person concerned regarding driving on the verge and footpath on the B1340 when delivering hay for horses.

There were two reports of anti-social behaviour concerning a few houses having a party for end-of-term exams.

The Community Speedwatch continues to be successful and letters are going out on a regular basis to speeding motorists.

The North Northumberland Coastal Area Neighbourhood Plan steering group reviewed the last two censuses to identify resourcing requirements for the parishes and potential areas for development.

It is currently looking at policies adopted by other villages and the AONB to see where they might work for the neighbourhood plan.

Questionnaires will be delivered to second-home owners.

The next public meeting will be scheduled for late September to bring residents up to date with the progress of the plan.

Two seats on Harbour Road have been destroyed. It was agreed to accept the generous offer from the Craster Arms of two replacement seats.

The Second World War memorial seat opposite 104 Harbour Road is in disrepair and will be replaced in 2015. The original plaque will be reattached with a second plaque in commemoration from the current residents.

Yellow backing boards are to be set against the 30mph signs leading into Swinhoe village and reminders of the speed limit marked on the road through the restricted areas.

A traffic calming scheme is to be looked at for the triangle of road in front of the Seabreeze shop.

A request is to be made for a footpath/cyclepath on the B1340 from Shepherds Cottage to connect with the footpath in Swinhoe.

Councillors are to walk the public rights of way in Beadnell parish to assess accessibility and report on their findings.

A group of residents would like to petition for a skateboard park in the village. It was agreed that this would be investigated.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 10, at 6.30pm.