Beadnell Parish Council

The chairman welcomed PC Alan Morton to the last meeting of Beadnell Parish Council.

Three incidents had been reported to the police since the last meeting. The police and licensing authority are to monitor events.

The chairman reported that he had received a letter of resignation from the parish clerk. This was accepted, with the final date being the end of January. The clerk is to be thanked for her work over the last 10 years.

A letter was to be sent to the planning project manager at Northumberland County Council about the unauthorised works to highways land in front of 35 and 37 Harbour Road.

Agreement has been reached to re-align the fence blocking the right of way to the playground.

The forms to transfer the land title of the playground to the parish have been completed and returned to the county council.

The county’s environmental enforcement section had visited Beadnell and issued four warning letters about fly-tipping of green waste.

The chairman congratulated the Beadnell Community Volunteers on their fund-raising activities and all their hard work.

The application form for the designation of a neighbourhood plan comprising the civic parishes of Bamburgh, Beadnell and North Sunderland was approved.

The agreement between parishes and terms of reference for the North Northumberland Coastal Area Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was approved.

It was agreed that the parish council would be represented on the steering group by councillors Hall, Martindale and Williamson. It was agreed in principle to allocate some money and a maximum of £250 would be allocated in next year’s budget.

Speeding down Harbour Road and through Swinhoe where the 30mph speed limit was often being ignored was discussed, as was the standard of grass cutting in the village and the number of cuts.

A letter of thanks is to be sent to Mike Tulley, Sustainable Transport . Copies of the bus timetable are now available on the parish council’s website.

It was agreed to replace the window in the bus shelter. The tree canopy leading into the cemetery was to be heightened.

In response to a question about the displaying of information, it was agreed to provide a link between the Beadnell Today website and the parish council’s website to alleviate duplication.