Battle gets its own preserve

Award-winning marmalade maker Lynne Allan, who runs Lady Waterford Preserves as part of The Old Dairy in Ford, has created a special Flodden marmalade to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the battle.

And, she believes, there are genuine reasons for inventing a Floddenmarmalade.

“To begin with the Scottish King James stayed at Ford Castle before travelling into the hills to join his troops at Flodden,” she said.

“He may even have eaten some marmalade before he left, not on toast as we do today, but as a sweetmeat, served in thick slices for dessert at the end of a feast or dinner.

“And, who knows, it could have been the last thing James lV tasted, because he was killed during the battle along with 10,000 of his soldiers.”

She added: “It’s taken a bit of experimenting with, but we now think we’ve got a really delicious marmalade.”

The marmalade is available from The Old Dairy in Ford,