Bamburgh WI, October meeting

Bamburgh WI are looking for a delegate to represent them at the national AGM meeting in Leeds next year.

Members were told that if they had never attended one of these annual get-togethers when the institutes from the whole of England and Wales are represented and have a vote on the resolutions and WI policy, it is well worth a visit. The Bamburgh annual village show was uppermost in members’ minds as it was to be held the following Saturday and volunteer helpers seemed to be in short supply.

However, on the day, both the weather and volunteers ‘came up trumps’ and a good time was had by all.

The pantomime rehearsal saw a draft script in action and the budding performers thoroughly enjoyed the clever weaving together of old pantomime dramas and the WI.

A celebration of the new village memorial seat donated by the WI to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be held at the seat on October 15. Bubbly will be shared by members and invited guests Francis Armstrong, Alec Thompson and Robert to mark the occasion.

Having imparted all the business information, the committee joined members to enjoy a real treat. Prison officer John Hodge gave a most interesting description of his work in one of Her Majesty’s Prisons. Coping with deviant behaviours by the prison inhabitants is a full-time task and, as John said, you learn not to trust or believe anyone, no matter how honest and trustworthy they appear. John had brought with him his two delightful dogs who eagerly showed us their skills in discovering drugs hidden among WI members.

We all had our eyes opened to the resourceful behaviour of the inmates and the highly-qualified skill of the prison service in keeping our prisons free from drugs and mobile phone usage within prison.