Bamburgh WI, Meeting


Canine companions

Bamburgh WI held its latest meeting on September 14 and our president Christine Hutchinson welcomed us all back after our summer break.

During our business meeting we heard of various county events, including a federation quiz, international event, and a visit to Chatsworth House and Bakewell in November.

The subject of the talk was Canine Partners. Mrs Susan Fulton arrived with her canine partner Esther, who sat quietly throughout the whole afternoon on her fleecy rug.

Susan gave a brief history of Canine Partners, which was started by two ladies who realised how much dogs transformed the lives of blind people, so maybe they could assist the disabled?

With a wonderful sense of humour, Susan described how dogs can be trained to pick up dropped items, collect the post, unload the washing machine, remove your card from the cash machine and bring you the money. They also provide companionship and give their owners confidence to venture forth and meet people and make new friends.

Our next meeting will be on October 12, at 2pm, when Virginia, from the Grace Darling Museum, will tell us how to care for our Treasured Possessions.

Visitors are extremely welcome, and if you have something old please bring it along (sorry, does not include husbands).