Bamburgh WI, May meeting

PEARLS AND POVERTY: Members of Bamburgh WI all received their copies of the new programme for 2011/12 and once again it is going to be an interesting year.

We can look forward to a cookery session, felt making, sheep dog trials and muchmore in the months to come.

The Monday afternoon WI croquet sessions have got off to an enthusiastic start and we are looking forward to having matches with other WI croquet teams in the future.

The WI water survey forms were distributed as we feel this is an important issue.

WI Bamburgh bakers have two dates in June when they are providing a high tea and on a separate occasion a lunch for two groups of 24 visitors.

Behind closed doors, institutes are organising their sand sculpture teams for displays of The Human Form on Bamburgh beach. Seventeen institutes have requested application forms this year so sand will be flying on June 20.

The speaker for the afternoon was Maureen Forman, with her talk on Pearls and Poverty.

Maureen is a purveyor of pearls and we were left open-mouthed when she produced sacks of these wonderful jewels and spread them out on the table before us.

Some were made into wonderful necklaces, bracelets and earrings by Maureen and she gave a demonstration on how to string pearls, a skill that requires a very deft hand. There are some ‘tricks to the trade’ on how to thread the very fine needles required and we were delighted when she offered to run a workshop in the new programme for those who would like to design and put together their own pearl jewellery.

The poverty in the title is the orphanage Maureen raises funds for in her past home area of Hong Kong and the profits Maureen makes from the sale of her jewellery goes to the care of these children.

Our next meeting on June 8 is the sheep dog trial organised by Scott Smith. Many local residents have shown an interest in this meeting and they are welcome to join us to watch the expert at work.