Bamburgh WI, January meeting

FRIENDLY FALKLANDS: This month the meeting of Bamburgh WI had an early start by offering members a light lunch when the resolutions could be discussed and later voted on.

Julia Davidson, WI advisor, facilitated the interesting debate and discussion on each of the six resolutions so members could make informed decisions on their choice.

During the business section of the meeting, the Olympic Torch arrival in Bamburgh on June 14 was discussed and a decision on how the WI will mark this special occasion will be decided by the next meeting.

The Bamburgh sand sculpture team have chosen Monday, June 11, to produce a sculpture on the Olympic theme in Alnwick Market Place during the Festival of Alnwick.

Suggestions for both half and full-day excursions and outings for the 2012/13 Bamburgh WI programme were asked to be put forward to committee members before the programme goes to print.

Members were also reminded about the federation council meeting to be held in Whitley Bay, once again there will be a coach available for those who do not wish to travel by car. The president thanked the committee for turning up for a three-hour stint in the Pavilion to sort out the WI cupboard and throw out unnecessary excesses.

During any other business, some members expressed concern about the new Arriva bus timetable, particularly to Berwick. They were told that a special meeting in Bamburgh concerning transport had outlined the difficulties non-car drivers are facing in reaching their chosen destinations, and that a Bamburgh initial scoping of location of services and facilities had been prepared and would be available for view at the next Bamburgh public meeting on this subject.

The speaker for the meeting, Janet Wilkinson, had waited patiently for all this business to finish before taking us to the Friendly Falklands and what a wonderful journey it was.

Janet had spent 10 years living in the islands and she had excellent slides that really described this often wild, yet beautiful, area. She invited us to enjoy everyday life and social gatherings and the natural flora and fauna quite took our breath away, particularly the penguins who were not a bit perturbed by very close human presence.

As Janet is a member of Bamburgh WI, the subject was made even more enjoyable for us.

Our next meeting on February 8 sees local talent once again talking about personal experiences when Celia Darling describes A Life in the District as the local district nurse. Visitors would be very welcome to join us. Meetings start at 2pm.