Bamburgh WI, annual meeting

Alan Warnaby, who cleaned up with his chrysanthenums, winning the incurve, reflex, intermediate and effect classes, at a previous Bamburgh Show.
Alan Warnaby, who cleaned up with his chrysanthenums, winning the incurve, reflex, intermediate and effect classes, at a previous Bamburgh Show.

As this was Bamburgh WI’s annual meeting, when the ‘old’ committee stands down and a new committee is formed for 2015/6, it was a time to hear about all our achievements during the past year.

We learnt from our secretary, Liz Cockburn, that we had been very busy in our community organising a monthly quiz night in the local pub, The Castle Inn.

This fun evening had proved very popular with residents and visitors so we plan to hold them again starting in the autumn.

The WI village noticeboard is in need of repair or upgrading and the profit we make at the quiz nights will help to fund this important village feature.

We also had a Bamburgh village litter clearance and for a short time our streets looked in pristine condition despite the gusting winds that seem to blow debris into the village areas.

Last summer we held a very successful sandcastle competition, open to all, and it was wonderful to see families descending onto the beach to construct some magnificent castles.

This year on Monday, June 8, it is once again the Bamburgh sand sculpture challenge open to all institutes in Northumberland. With this year’s challenge being a portrayal of 100 years of the Women’s Institute, it will be interesting to see what the teams of institute members choose to represent this theme.

The second Saturday in September is always the date of Bamburgh Village Show which is organised by Bamburgh Garden Guild in partnership with Bamburgh Women’s Institute.

Once again we were lucky with the weather and the show was its usual resounding success and an annual village event enjoyed by all. We hope that this year’s show on September 12, will surpass previous years in the entries for the many and various competitions and that local schools will support the children’s section.

The Bamburgh WI 2015/6 programme for monthly meetings, outings and workshops is now at the printers and members should be delighted an intrigued by the subjects and speakers chosen.

The first date for our new programme is June 10, when John and Lorraine Rae will describe their Travels with a Donkey with some of these engaging animals accompanying them to Bamburgh Pavilion. Visitors and friends would be welcome to join us.

Iris Crawford, our excellent WI treasurer, reported that we continue to be financially sound and our retiring president Rosemary Skinner gave her address of thanks to all the committee and members who had helped to make her role less onerous.

Rosemary has worked very hard at starting the organisation for our celebration, in 2018, of Bamburgh WI’s 100 years by securing a wonderful venue for this very special event, but all will be revealed at a date nearer the celebration time. Watch this space.

After all this related business, it was time for the Women’s Institute advisor Julia Davidson to take over the meeting and adjudicate at the voting for the new president.

Christine Hutchinson accepted the role and she will be ably supported by Liz as secretary and Iris as treasurer, not forgetting all the other members of the committee who have roles to fill.

The silver trophy for the monthly competitions was won by Judy Cowen with Ann Thompson and Jean Sinton coming a very close second and third.

Julia also remarked on how moved she had been at the wonderful talk one of our members, Jane Graham, had given at the federation agm in Newcastle.

Jane was encouraging members to donate their organs as she had received a donated heart that had truly changed her life.

We are very proud to have Jane as a Bamburgh WI member. We look forward to a busy and exciting year and welcome any new faces that would like to come along and give us a try. We think you might like what you see and hear as we are always looking for challenging new ideas and interests.