Bamburgh Parish Council, July meeting

JULY’S meeting of Bamburgh Parish Council heard that councillors had met Police to hear how they could implement the procedure for persuading vehicle-users to leave road areas in front of dropped kerbs free from parked cars and to abstain from parking partially or wholly on footpaths.

There are further ‘Cuppa’s with a Copper’, one held yesterday and the second on Wednesday, August 31, from 2pm to 4pm. The meeting will be held at Bamburgh Pavilion.

A second meeting is to take place between councillors, the county council and a representative from the play park installers to decide on how to repair the badly-eroded patches in the play area.

The play area is now heavily used by children and during the summer holiday, it will have even more wear and tear.

The county council has stated that ownership of the land in Lindisfarne Avenue would soon be made known to the parish council then decisions could be made about car parking in this area.

The four boxes holding the Heritage and Clue Trail leaflets are now placed, on trial, in four trading establishments. Heritage Trail leaflets cost 50p and the Clue Trail is 20p.

A councillor had attended the proposed Bamburgh Heritage centre meeting and, with property being in flux in Bamburgh at this time, the decision to move forward needed considerable discussion.

A feasibility study would require funding and the group needs to have a clear objective before they apply for a grant.

The decision by the Parish Council to support the continuance of the Community Forum has been forwarded to the other four councils who are also willing to continue.

The next meeting will be hosted by Beadnell on September 22 at 7pm in the WI hall.

This meeting will be looking in depth at Heritage in these areas, including maintenance of heritage sites, buildings and structures and how Heritage attracts tourists to specific areas.

Members of the public who have an interest in the history of their local area and wish it to be sustained are invited to attend alongside council representatives.