Bamburgh Parish Council, April meeting

PARISH NOTES: The two important village dates in June were discussed and it has been decided to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a village community photograph taken below the castle on the cricket field.

The photographic session would take place in the late afternoon/early evening after the ‘A castle fit for a Queen’ sand castle competition on the beach on June 5.

A beacon will also be lit at the castle as a sign of celebration on this momentous occasion.

During June 14, when the Olympic Torch is journeying through Bamburgh, there will be a host of activities making this an all-day celebration in the village.

Street entertainment, sporting activities and a sporting scarecrow competition, are just a few of the events held during the day’s activities with an input from the traders, the church and the Grace Darling Museum alongside individual village organisations.

Members of the Bamburgh Conservation Society had expressed a wish that they would like the society to donate a sum towards the costs of the two June events and a parish councillor, who is the representative on the conservation committee, will bring this up at the next committee meeting.

Unfortunately, the Easter Monday MacMillan nurse coffee morning had to be cancelled and this meant the opportunity for Bamburgh Garden Guild to give out free chitting potatoes and sunflower seeds for the September Village Show competitions had to be redirected to the monthly village coffee stop in the Victoria Hotel last week.

There is local disquiet about large illuminated signs being placed outside some premises and close to residencies, also a number of complaints about the increasing number and size of advertising boards positioned on grass verges and sometimes pavements in front of traders’ establishments.

A suggestion for the community orchard to be planted on the edge of the main car park was discussed but it was felt that this position would not be sheltered enough for fruit trees. Two further sites are under review at this present time.

The Bamburgh transport project is ongoing but it has been somewhat overtaken by a proposed scheme to bulk buy heating oil to lower the purchase price of oil for householders/organisations in Bamburgh parish.

A tree expert from the county council had been assessing the condition of trees in public areas of the village.

Unfortunately he was unable to take into account the deplorable and dangerous state of the trees over shadowing the footpath from Bamburgh to Budle as he would need to have a colleague working alongside him to safely examine these dead and dying trees.

Councillors had attended meetings on the Localism Act and Neighbourhood Development plans.

If the parish council decided to develop a neighbourhood plan, it could mean that they could recommend where building could take place and make sure the new builds were sustainable for the future prospects of the village.

They could also secure historic sites with a view to sympathetically conserving old buildings and structures, all part of local heritage. Bamburgh Heritage Trust Ltd is surveying the church crypt as a possible venue for an initial Bamburgh Heritage Centre.

Bamburgh Garden Guild informed the council that they had planted two rugosa roses at the Links road entrance to the village it is hoped that in time these would act as a wind shield for the plantings in the troughs.

The next parish council meeting is on May 29.

Residents are invited to attend to bring forward village matters that particularly concern them.