Bamburgh Parish Council

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PARISH NEWS: Two items on the agenda of Bamburgh Parish Council led to much discussion and debate. The first being the date June 14, when Bamburgh is hosting the arrival of the Olympic torch.

A public meeting had been held when residents and members of organisations could put forward ideas on how the village should celebrate the day and from this meeting a committee was formed who will organise the event.

Many good suggestions were mooted with a bias towards sporting activities and the idea of offering visitors many attractions in different areas of the village making this a “Great day out for all the family.”

The position of chairman of the Bamburgh Olympic torch committee is being shared between Angie Darling and David Miller, any resident or organisation with ideas for the day should get in touch with them.

The second item was the hosting of the next community forum.

The parish councillors and particularly the parish clerk felt that Bamburgh had so many projects on their agenda, at this present time, hosting the community forum so early in the year is not viable.

A suggestion was made that perhaps one of the other parishes could take over the position of host until Bamburgh has more time to give thought to this important meeting dealing with shared local issues.

Bamburgh could host the forum in September and take an in depth look at the Localism Act, now processing through parliament, and the proposed Neighbourhood Plans which could cover the four participating parishes in the forum, determining how the area should be developed in the future taking into consideration national and local plans and the human rights of residents.

A scoping survey developed from the public meeting regarding identifying the accessibility of services, for non-car drivers, was presented to the council. A further meeting looking at identifying potential improvement in bus services and easier accessibility for non car drivers to arrive at their chosen destination and return journey home.

The heritage project is on going with the next stage in developing the project, coordinating detailed local information on personal experiences of days gone by in tape recorded and written format. Any resident who has memorabilia of by-gone days should get in touch with a parish councillor.

Likewise the Bamburgh parking project is advancing and will be especially important as the area will have a huge influx of visitors, especially during the two June celebrations. Particularly on the Olympic torch date June 14, when no vehicle parking will be allowed, by the police, along the torch route into the village.

The chairman Jude Aldred asked if any council positions will need to be filled after the 2013 election and if so members of the public should be made aware that there will be an opportunity for interested residents to step forward to fill these posts.

Councillors are looking for and suggesting possible sites for a community orchard.

Lowick has already started an orchard project. It has been planted on the edge of large field with easy access to the highway and no detriment to the crops being raised in the field.

There are several sites in Bamburgh that are overgrown and unused that could be cleared and used as the orchard site.

Councillors will be attending a planning training meeting in Alnwick on the evening of February 1.

The next parish council meeting will be held in March.