Bamburgh Parish Council

A VILLAGE meeting is to be held to discuss the parish council’s proposals for car parking in Bamburgh.

The meeting will be organised by the car parking sub-committee, which has also spent a day in Cumbria visiting parishes with similar car parking concerns and has composed a report on its findings.

The council received 12 letters from residents in Lindisfarne Avenue and St Cuthbert’s Garth in response to the letters sent to every resident in this area regarding car parking problems. All but one letter approved the suggestions put forward by the parish council.

Bamburgh traders have also been invited to attend a meeting mapping out proposed plans for solving the car parking issue but this had a disappointing response as only one business was represented at the meeting.

A SUGGESTION was made to form a snow clearing policy group, similar to that in Belford, to help in the event of further adverse weather.

It was felt that if the village was seen to be helping itself it would be more strongly supported by the Northumberland County Council highways department.

Bamburgh still has no gravel or salt bins in any area of the village and during the last period of snow and ice, many elderly residents were trapped in their homes.

A RESIDENT attending the meeting told the council that he had dealt with the moss growing along the edge of the tennis courts and he had repaired the metal frame around the courts but this needed further work as the salt in the air had corroded much of the metal structure.

The two metal planters on Links Road have been repainted with Hammerite paint which is capable of withstanding weather conditions.

l THE first step to secure funding for a feasibility study for the heritage/tourist information centre is being researched.

l THE company that built the children’s play park are to repair the wear and tear on the grassed areas and look at providing a more substantial hard-wearing base for these areas of the park.

l TWO of the light stands on the pathway to the Pavilion are very loose, it was reported, and this is to be looked at.

l THE popular clue trail and heritage trail leaflets are to be reprinted in time for the Easter holidays but the council may have to consider charging for the leaflets in the future as print costs have risen dramatically.

l THE next meeting, the AGM, will take place at 7pm in the Pavilion on Monday, May 16.