Balls are the cause of war memorial damage

Water damage to Amble War Memorial has been caused by five footballs and a tennis ball, which blocked the drainage system and flooded the roof.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 10:30 am
Amble War memorial

The iconic structure has been the subject of attention in recent months after it was discovered that crucial repairs were needed.

A previous inspection revealed that rain has been leaking through the monument’s roof and affecting the clock.

Water has been sitting on the central mechanism box that controls the dial faces of the clock and saturating the original beams that support the concrete floors at various levels inside the memorial.

Now, a condition survey carried out by engineering consultants Patrick Parsons has uncovered just what has been causing the damage to the listed structure, which is located in the Town Square.

And it has led to calls that the memorial’s location is not an appropriate place for ball games.

A statement on Amble Town Council’s Facebook page on Tuesday read: ‘The conservation-accredited engineer came out to look at the war memorial following issues with the clock and the internal structure.

‘The roof of the memorial was saturated under one-foot of rain water as a result of five footballs and one tennis ball which were on the roof and blocking the drainage system.

‘We await reports on the exact damage this has caused and remind all that the Town Square and memorial gardens is not an appropriate location for ball games.’

A survey of the clock and its mechanisms has recently been carried out by Smith of Derby. The town council is attempting to repair the memorial as soon as possible.