Back to school, but gigs continue

Derek Allan at Beamish Museum.
Derek Allan at Beamish Museum.

Northumberland musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

September 5

It’s the last day before school. It has been a great summer holiday to share with Ellie and Rebecca. They keep us busy and leave us with less time to fit in work, but we love all being together. They are both very excited for school so this takes away the worry.

Rebecca loved Monday running club at Blyth and she was selected to have the trophy the team won last week.

At the open mic in Seaton Sluice a few extra players turned up and it was a mellow, musical, friendly night. Another player performed really well and will be added to our Acoustic Magic team.

September 6

It was back to school for Rebecca and she was so excited about her last year in little school. Her athletics is all go and she has enjoyed her first season in cricket for Morpeth under 9s.

Children love to be encouraged. People should always encourage children, and also adults. Only good can come from it. We all know others are trying hard so help them along and they may very well help you.

Tuesday’s open mic was brilliant, packed with people.

We were greeted with a surprise visit from Kate. She grew up in Warkworth. We also met up a while ago in Zurich in Switzerland when we were touring there, and now here she was, all the way from America. It was great to see her and her buzz for life.

September 7

This is the only night off of the month, I believe.

Today was mostly about Ellie’s first day at middle school, off to where I was schooled at the same age. She sent a text saying “school is great”, so we knew it had gone well.

After school Ellie and I were dropped off at Cresswell to meet up with Dave Cowan. When I fell ill in April he said he would meet me here once I was better. He loves to cycle and having someone to aim for makes the trip even better for him. He is a great person and The Drift is a very nice café.

September 8

There was more cricket on BBC radio, keeping me involved with the season. Marty Emerson is a great commentator.

The new Footprints For Others walk is finally set up and has gone public. The two charities we are raising money for this time are the RNLI and Northumberland Hedgehog Rescue. The idea is to work on as many charities as possible and then people can choose the one to donate to.

Acoustic Magic had Bar Loco in Newcastle tonight, and as it went well we have six new dates for next year. Four players were playing their own songs and people liked it. It is a great relaxed venue. A player called in ill, but Miserable Les, Sam Gibson and Jpage played. It was a great night in our own room.

September 9

Rothbury Rocks weekend of music started today and we played Newcastle House.

This is an annual weekend of music and we played on the Friday to a good crowd. This was a nice first gig of the weekend, a good day, and the end of the first school week.

September 10

It is tricky getting home at 2am and trying to sleep, knowing I’m up at 7am to get ready for the end of season presentations at Morpeth Cricket Club.

This year Ellie won the best player for the under 9s and was, like us, so happy and proud.

We wanted to stay there all day. It has a great family, happy feel, and with the sun out it adds that little bit of magic.

I had to set off for Beamish for an outdoor slot in its festival. It was a great one-hour gig. We then played at Westerhope. Two gigs in a row is great.