Awards for green-fingered residents and community champions

Green-fingered residents and community champions in Amble have been honoured for their efforts.

Sunday, 7th August 2016, 11:00 am
Amble Mayor Jane Dargue (centre) with a representative from Amble Coastal Rowing Club (left) and Amble Detachment of the Northumbria Army Cadets (right).

Town Mayor Jane Dargue was delighted to welcome around 60 people to the 2016 Amble Town Council Garden and Community Awards last month.

The ceremony took place in the conference room of Amble’s Fourways 2 building and gave the chance to thank townsfolk for their hard work and dedication.

The Secret Garden winner, 17 Brinkburn Place.

A host of horticultural enthusiasts were recognised for their efforts as part of the garden awards, which attracted a large number of entries. Judging was carried out by an Alnwick Garden representative.

The prize for the overall best garden went to 5 Riverside Park, which is located in West ward.

This year, as well as the usual garden awards, there were two prizes up for grabs for Super Gardeners; those who have won their ward three times in the last five years. The winners – 3 Stephenson Road and 1 Brinkburn – were given £50 of garden vouchers to spend.

The Secret Garden section, which is for an area hidden from those passing by, received a greater number of entries this year. The winner, 17 Brinkburn Place, will be open for public viewing on Sunday, August 14, from noon to 3pm.

The Secret Garden winner, 17 Brinkburn Place.

To honour their amazing efforts in the Memorial Garden, the Pride in Amble team won the award given to those who use their time voluntarily to enhance a business premise or a larger community area for the enjoyment of others.

New to this year was the Community Award section. Amble Coastal Rowing Club, which launched its second skiff earlier this year, took the adult prize of £50, while the Amble Detachment of the Northumbria Army Cadets took the Junior Award of £25.

Coun Dargue was delighted to be able to honour the work of individuals and groups at the awards ceremony.

She said: “The turn out on the night was excellent and the thing that stands out when you are wandering through the wards is just how many gardens there are and how high the standard is. So many are alive with colour.

“I was really pleased that the Community Award was introduced this year. There are so many groups in the town that deserve recognition and the Rowing Club and the Cadets were worthy winners.”

Anyone who could not attend is invited to collect their certificate or award from the council offices before the end of August.

Award winners

Overall Best Garden – 5 Riverside Park

Central Ward – Winner: 37 Albert Street. Runner-up: 10 Broomhill Street. Highly commended: 42 Bay View; 2 Burnside; 6 Island View; 27 King Edward Street; 9 Marine Road; 1 & 6 Old Coastguards; 9 Panhaven Road; 9 Runciman Way; 12 Sea View; 2 Straffen Court; 29 Windsor Terrace. Commended: 27 & 29 Albert Street; 6 Blackwood Street; 2 & 4 Brinkburn Place; 6 & 12 Broomhill Street; 13 Burnside; 16 Edwin Street; 3 First Avenue; 2 Gordon Villas; 45 & 46 Ivy Street; 18 & 37 King Edward Street; 5, 6 (rear), 17, 26 Lindisfarne Road; 9 Northumbria Terrace; 3 Old Coastguards; 25 & 55 Panhaven Road; 14 Runciman Way; 5 Second Ave; 5, 27 & 33 Windsor Terrace (front)

East Ward – Winner: 26 St Cuthbert’s Avenue. Runner-up: 41 Priory Park. Highly commended: 19 Coquetdale; 3 Glendale; 15 & 16 Hauxley Way; 33 Leslie Drive; 18 Links Avenue; 1 Newmoor Close; 48 & 54 Phillip Drive; 21 Southmede; 6 & 64 St Cuthbert’s Avenue. Commended: 1 Coquetdale; 17 & 18 Hauxley Way; 23 & 51 Leslie Drive; 6 Newmoor Close; 58 Phillip Drive; 42 & 77 Priory Park; 17 & 20 St Cuthbert’s Avenue; 2 Stephenson Road.

West Ward – Winner: 5 Riverside Park. Runner-up: 7 West Avenue. Highly commended: 64 Acklington Road; 32 & 34 Castle View; 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21 & 156 Gloster Park; 4 & 6 Riverside Park; 1, 151 & 153 Robsons Way; 2 West Crescent; 1 Williams Close. Commended: 62 & 66 Acklington Road; 1 Bisley Road; 4, 6, 7, 41 & 45 Castle View; 10, 68, 86 & 151 Gloster Park; 9 & 11 West Avenue; 7 West Crescent.

Business/Group/Community Winner: Pride in Amble, Memorial Garden beds. Commended: Dolphin Court; Dolphin View; St Cuthbert’s RC Church.

Secret Garden – Winner: 17 Brinkburn Place. Commended: 171 Gloster Park; 2 Burnside; 46 Links Avenue.

Allotments - Most Improved Claire Cullen (West 6); Craig Davison (East 76). Best East: Ruth Henderson and Helen Armstrong (East 29). Best West: D Inglis (West 29).

Super Gardeners – 3 Stephenson Road; 1 Brinkburn.

Community Award – Junior/Group: Amble Army Cadets. Adult/Group: Amble Coastal Rowing Club.