Avid Gazette reader travels 200 miles for Craster wellies

Gazettee reader Susan Hopper with the wellies at Craster
Gazettee reader Susan Hopper with the wellies at Craster

A dedicated Northumberland Gazette reader has travelled more than 200 miles to have her picture taken with a pair of mystery wellies.

Last week we told you the mystery of the yellow wellies which was baffling a north Northumberland seaside village.

Craster resident Doris Clarke found a set of yellow wellies on the side of the road which sparked a hunt for the owner.

Susan Hopper, from Lincolnshire, has been an avid reader of the Gazette for many years so when she saw the story online with a video of Doris talking about the mystery she jumped at the chance to get involved.

The 51-year-old then drove from her home in Horncastle to see the wellies for herself.

“Doris comes over so well on camera and the wellies seem to be the talk of the village. Just the sort of stuff we need these miserable times,” said Susan.

she added: “We come up often and my husband comes from Alnwick. He always likes to follow the local news and we both rate the Gazette very highly.”

Susan also said since the Gazette’s story last week the wellies have been moved from beside a lampost to a nearby hedge

If you’re passing make sure you grab a selfie with them and send your pictures to northumberland.gazette@jpress.co.uk