Autumn birds are out to dinner

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A WILDLIFE charity is trying to dispel fears that birds are disappearing from gardens.

The RSPB has received calls from gardeners who are worried that birds seem to be vanishing.

But it is urging people not to be concerned, as this is the time of the year when birds look further afield, taking advantage of the abundance of food in the countryside.

In previous weeks, the garden has proved to be a hive of wildlife activity, but now the feeders and tables are deserted, leading gardeners to think that they have done something wrong.

Claire Thomas, from the RSPB’s wildlife inquiries team, said that birds are simply ‘out to dinner’.

She said: “There is plenty of food available in hedgerows, fields and trees so they don’t need our hospitality at the moment.”

There are some species that do stick around the garden all year, so the RSPB suggests leaving out a small amount of food and water.

It also advises preparing for when birds return by cleaning feeders, tables and nest boxes. It is the end of the breeding season but many birds still use boxes for shelter in the cold weather.

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