Author hopes ‘secret view’ may be a help to others

My Secret View author Roger Plummeridge.
My Secret View author Roger Plummeridge.

A north Northumberland man, who lived with an undiagnosed form of autism for most of his life, has written a book detailing his experience.

Roger Plummeridge has had Asperger’s syndrome all his life, but the 53-year-old’s condition was only officially recognised at the age of 42.

And now, the Rothbury resident, who calls himself the Asperger’s interpreter, has self-published his life story with hopes that his documented experiences may be a help to those living with the similar daily challenges he has faced.

“I have been living with the condition all my life, although it wasn’t until a few years ago that I was officially recognised as having Asperger’s syndrome, a type of autism,” he said.

“Ideally I would like to work alongside a community group offering my experiences as education and encouragement although until that time, people might be able to gain some support through the pages of my book.”

My Secret View offers an insight into growing up as a young lad and living with Asperger’s syndrome – without knowing it.

It was not until he was 42 years old that Roger was told he was most likely afflicted by Asperger’s.

Roger had served in the British Army with ‘the Guards’, travelling the world in the service of his country and not aware that what made him feel so different from anyone else was in fact a type of autism.

After almost 15 years in the army, Roger found Civvy Street very difficult and took up photography. This was to become his passion and offered him focus, leading ultimately to further travels in South America and beyond.

On his blog, Roger says: “My Secret View is no blockbuster, nor is it about anything other than my journey as a young man living with and eventually coming to terms with ‘being different’ and of course living life with Apserger’s syndrome.”

Priced at £7.50 plus postage and packing, it is available via the email address on his blog –