Aussie pianist Piers presents a polished performance

Review: Piers Lane, Alnwick Music Society, at Alnwick Castle’s Guest Hall, October 22.

London-based Australian pianist Piers Lane has a flourishing international career.

Discerning record collectors know him for his highly-rated recordings for the Hyperion label.

His programme consisted of Debussy (with limpidly clear playing), Bartok and Liszt (with stunning technique), and a marvellous set of Chopin’s Waltzes (with both poetry and fire).

We are used to artists of calibre in these concerts, and we were not disappointed.

If the Bartok was not everybody’s choice, the Chopin most certainly must have been and the Music Society’s Steinway piano enabled Mr Lane to reveal all the colours, delicate delineations, and sensuousness of the Debussy.

The concert was enhanced by Mr Lane’s own introductions to the pieces to be played and he spoke with wit and intimate knowledge, providing a human touch to the evening.

The Steinway piano is due for an MOT soon, and the Society is grateful to all those who have contributed to the high cost of this, enabling us to enjoy its beautiful sound and invite artists of the quality of Piers Lane in the future.

The next Society concert is on November 20, also at the Alnwick Castle’s Guest Hall, featuring award-winning Jennifer Pike (violin) and Tom Poster (piano) in a programme that includes works by both Robert and Clara Schumann, Debussy, Vaughan Williams and Fritz Kreisler. It will be another treat, no doubt.

For more details, visit www.alnwickmusicsociety.co.uk

Martin Gillham