Attempts to increase options for the elderly

Moves are being made in East Chevington to give elderly residents a better quality of life, including attempts to improve the social offering in the area and support dementia sufferers.

And members of the public are being invited to attend a special training session this afternoon, as part of work to create a dementia-friendly community.

At Monday night’s meeting of East Chevington Parish Council, Coun Ann Elliott said: “What we want to do is give the older people in the area a better quality of life and to give them the chance to meet people.”

Coun Elliott is the chairman of the parish council’s dementia sub group and she reported on how plans to create a dementia-friendly community are progressing.

Resident Margaret Weaver and members of the parish council are leading the work in the area and a number of organisations and businesses have signed up to support the scheme by attending information sessions.

Through involving all aspects of the community, including the local schools, it is hoped to broaden people’s understanding of the disease and to create a more supportive environment for those affected by the condition, including their carers.

The aim of the dementia sub group is to become a strong voice in the parish for people who have the disease.

Today’s dementia-friendly training session takes place in Hadston House Youth and Community Building from 5pm. All are welcome.

As part of the drive towards helping elderly residents, the parish council heard about the Aging Well programme from Ann Brown, who is involved in the scheme.

She said that the programme can work with communities to increase opportunities for older people, including activities and promoting what is on in an area.

Coun Elliott added: “You are saying the things that we want to hear.”