ATTACKS: Warning to dog owners

Could I please make readers and residents of Alnwick aware of a spate of incidents in the Glovers Green area of the town that could be detrimental to your dog's health.

Throughout the winter, there has been a series of incidents involving dogs retrieving chicken fillets from long grass and bushes. The chicken is laced with antifreeze, and if left unattended or not treated, could lead to death.

It seems apparent that somebody is intentionally placing the food to attract dogs, and in the process, do serious harm to family pets.

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There has been at least two previous incidents in the area over the winter, one of which was extremely serious.

A further incident involving chicken bones, which again can cause severe damage to family pets, has occurred, although it is not determined whether this incident is related to those previously mentioned.

Late on Wednesday, March 7, a further incident occurred in my own garden. Chicken was found in shrub bushes. Thankfully, it was retrieved from my dog before it could be consumed. However, it is uncertain how it had got there, or for how long it had been there.

I’d like to make all dog owners aware of these nasty attacks and for you to please be vigilant when walking your dog or when it is not on a lead.

Although these events have taken place at the south side of the town, it is possible that similar incidents may occur elsewhere.

Andrew Fletcher,

Blakelaw Court,


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