At the heart of the community

YOUR Northumberland Gazette team is proud to be supporting Local Newspaper Week 2011.

As part of the week, we have been asking readers what the Gazette means to them.

A statement from The Duke of Northumberland, on behalf of himself and the Duchess, said: “I look forward to getting the Northumberland Gazette each week, seeing what is going on in the area, who is doing what to whom, what events are coming up and how the local sporting teams are faring.

“I admit to a hint of trepidation when first viewing the paper, in case I or Northumberland Estates are in the firing line for something we have done or failed to do but that only serves to demonstrate the value of local papers in expressing views, giving opinions on local issues and helping to influence decisions.

“They are also really important in showing how national politics, the UK economy and Government fiscal policy affects local business, employment, schools, health care, housing and other issues.

“I think it is important to support our local newspaper and I suspect that we would greatly miss it if, like local papers in many areas, this important community link disappeared.”